Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Steel Mill Strike Gets Violent

Berkeley fire fighters help a striking worker of Pacific Steel Casting on Tuesday March 23 who said she is pregnant and was struck in the stomach by riot police. The woman was injured when police ordered strikers to get back from an entrance to a warehouse they were blocking on Fifth Street.  The woman was taken to a hospital, treated and released. Berkeley police said if "inappropriate use of force was used, BPD will take measures to address it." Police say the pregnant woman was at the front of the crowd and was pushed in the shoulder area a couple of times by police pushing the crowd back. Another striker was arrested Monday for trespassing. (Photo by Doug Oakley)

Workers strike over new health care benefits at Pacific Steel Casting in Berkeley which include a $6,000 deductible on medical care. (Photo by Doug Oakley) 

Berkeley riot police try to keep the peace during a strike of employees at Pacific Steel Casting. (Photo by Doug Oakley)

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